Lucy (...) Yamagami (山神 ルーシー(略), Yamagami Rūshī (ryaku)) is a character from the anime Servant x Service.

Appearance Edit

Lucy is a young woman who has neck-length black hair, brown eyes and round glasses. She has a single characteristic ahoge on the right side of her hair, which will move according to her current mood and feeling.

She dresses very plainly that she is usually seen wearing a black turtleneck and white pants as she often cannot find clothes that fit her, which can be attributed to her large bust, despite her short stature, in addition to her inferiority complex. Once, she was seen wearing a dress made by Megumi Chihaya.

Personality Edit

Lucy was teased by children at a young age because of her long name. She often ran into the library to escape the bullying and, thus, found herself in love with books.

Due to said teasing, she developed extreme inferiority complex, thinking herself as plain and unattractive. This prevents her from dressing fashionably, even the idea of wearing skirt is terrifying for her. This also prevents her from accepting romantic approach from opposite gender, thinking that there is no way any man would like her romantically.

Lucy is a very hardworking young girl that makes her the ideal civil servant. However, it wasn't like she really wanted to become one. Behind her hardworking exterior is a thirst for vengeance, against the civil servant who approved her name without asking twice.

She can easily communicate with other people and is very naive. This is observed whenever she is sexually harassed by Yutaka Hasebe and does not even react.


Yutaka HasebeEdit

Hasebe is a new worker as well as Lucy, and later it is shown that he likes to tease Lucy. He is seen persistently asking her out, taking her to dinners etc. Lucy has shown romantic interest in Yutaka later on as the story progresses. Further in the anime Lucy and him go on an "official" date.

Megumi ChihayaEdit

Megumi is Lucy's co-worker and close friend, who loves cosplaying and making clothes, thus loving to make Lucy clothes and costumes (with other people too). She also dislikes Yutaka Hasebe for 'sexually harassing' Lucy, though she likes to tease Lucy too.

Saya Miyoshi Edit

Saya is another new worker and close friend that started the same time as Lucy.

Taishi Ichimiya Edit

Taichi is Lucy's superior, who is shown to be somewhat disheartened by her as she is more hardworking then he was when he first started.

Kenzo Momoi Edit

Kenzo is Lucy's boss, who loves riding around on her head or shoulder, although occasionally is seen walking around with her. Lucy shows great care for her boss, searching for him when he goes missing, although at first showing disbelief at his form and later showing annoyance when forced to comply to his wishes.

Etymology Edit

It is revealed that Lucy's full name is Lucy Kimiko Akie Airi Shiori Rinne Yoshiho Chihoko Ayano Fumika Chitose Sanae Mikiko Ichika Yukino Reina Eri Ai Tamiko Chikage Emilia Julia Shizue Erina Chisa Yumeka Natsuki Ranran Rieko Setsuri Chikako Azumi Marina Hideko Chiaki Misaki Naomi Campbell Miku Yuka Masako Sachiko Nana Mutsumi Haruka Yuna Shimako Yukie Rin Sakura Kanna Wakana Hazuki Honami Ruri Mihane Momoka Himari Nozomi Futaba Mafuyu...(still continues)...Yamagami as her parents had a very hard time picking a single name for her when she was born, so they decided to give her over a dozen different names.

  • The name Kimiko means "valuable" (貴) (ki), "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "child" (子) (ko).
    • Alternatively, it can also mean "lord, noble" (君) (kimi) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • The name Akie means "autumn" (秋) (aki) and "picture, painting" (絵) (e).
    • It can also mean "bright, luminous" (昭) (aki) and "favor, benefit" (恵) (e).
  • The name Airi means "love, affection" (愛) (ai) and "white jasmine" (莉) or "pear" (梨) (ri).
  • The name Shiori means "poem" (詩) (shi) and "weave" (織) (ori).
    • It can also mean "bookmark" (栞) (usually feminine) or "lithe, bending" (撓) (usually masculine).
  • The name Rinne means "samsara" (輪廻).
  • The name Yoshiho means "good luck" (吉), "righteous" (義) or "good, virtuous, respectable" (良) (yoshi) and "grain" (穂) (ho).
  • The name Chihoko means "thousand" (千) (chi), "beginning, for the first time" (甫) (ho) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • The name Ayano means "color" (彩) or "design" (綾) (aya) and "from" (乃) (no).
  • The name Fumika means "history, record, recording" (史) (fumi) and "good, beautiful" (佳) or "flower" (花) (ka).
  • The name Chitose means
  • The name Sanae means
  • The name Mikiko means
  • The name Ichika means
  • The name Yukino means
  • The name Reina means
  • The name Eri means
  • The name Ai means
  • The name Tamiko means
  • The name Chikage means
  • The name Emilia means
  • The name Julia means
  • The name Shizue means
  • The name Erina means
  • The name Chisa means
  • The name Yumeka means
  • The name Natsuki means
  • The name Ranran means
  • The name Rieko means
  • The name Setsuri means
  • The name Chikako means
  • The name Azumi means
  • The name Marina means
  • The name Hideko means
  • The name Chiaki means
  • The name Misaki means
  • The name Naomi means
  • The name Campbell means
  • The name Miku means
  • The name Yuka means
  • The name Masako means
  • The name Sachiko means
  • The name Nana means
  • The name Mutsumi means
  • The name Haruka means
  • The name Yuna means
  • The name Shimako means
  • The name Yukie means
  • The name Rin means
  • The name Sakura means
  • The name Kanna means
  • The name Wakana means
  • The name Hazuki means
  • The name Honami means
  • The name Ruri means
  • The name Mihane means
  • The name Momoka means
  • The name Himari means
  • The name Nozomi means
  • The name Futaba means
  • The name Mafuyu means


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