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Kaoru Hasebe (長谷部 薫 Hasebe Kaoru) is a character from the anime Servant x Service. She is the older sister of Yutaka Hasebe who likes to play pranks on people, such as on Lucy Yamagami when she spent the night at her house after an office dinner rendered her too drunk. As she realizes that Yutaka one-sidedly loves Lucy, she tries to set them up so that Lucy will fall in love with Yutaka.


Kaoru has a short, pixie-cut brown hair with matching brown eyes, like Yutaka Hasebe.


Kaoru's favorite hobby is to tease people. She is also a third generation civil servant like Yutaka Hasebe.


Lucy Yamagami

Kaoru seems to be very fond of Lucy as she teases her when they first meet and not minding when Yutaka Hasebe misses a family meeting to go on a date with her.

Yutaka Hasebe

Yutaka is Kaoru's younger brother

Jōji Tanaka

Kaoru has said that Tanaka is "her type" as he always makes her laugh. She carries around a photo of him when he was younger due to this. However, when Tanaka asked her out, she rejected him (most likely because Tanaka bluntly stated that he only wanted to "win" over Yutaka by getting a girlfriend first).