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Kanon Momoi (百井 花音 Momoi Kanon) is a character in Servant x Service. She is the daughter of Kenzo Momoi the highschool friend of Tōko Ichimiya. Although she discovers Taishi Ichimiya and Megumi Chihaya were dating, she tries to keep a straight face when Tōko finds out.


Kanon is a cute-looking girl with neck-length dark pink hair that are styled as pigtails, dark brown eyes and she wears a typical school uniform.


Kanon cares deeply for others and she also is very responsible. While she knows of Kenzo Momoi's (Kanon's father) form at work due to his innate shyness, she gets a little embarrassed when Tōko Ichimiya (Kanon's best friend) finds out.

Despite this, she is still very understanding and kind towards her father as she buys him a new tie to match her hair ribbons and carries him around whenever they go out.

She is also smart girl who understands situations very well.


Kenzo Momoi

Kenzo is Kanon's father doesn't seem to be bothered by her dad's outer appearance and she always covers up for him.

Tōko Ichimiya

Tōko is Kanon's best friend in highschool.

Chihaya Megumi

Yutaka Hasebe

Lucy Yamagami

Saya Miyoshi


  • The name Kanon means "flower, blossom" (花) (ka) and "sound" (音) (non).
  • Kanon's surname Momoi means "hundred" (百) (momo) and "well, mine shift, pit" (井) (i).
  • Kanon looks like Kenzo Momoi (Kanon's father)