Jōji Tanaka (田中 譲二, Tanaka Jōji) is a character from the anime Servant x Service. He makes his debut in Episode 7.

Appearance Edit

Tanaka is often seen wearing his business attire consisting of a grey-blue tie, a white undershirt, a black suit and black pants. His eyes are black.

He has a muscular build as depicted after the ending credits in Episode 7 on the 'Saba Quiz'.

Personality Edit

Tanaka tends to be very straightforward with his feelings and according to him, has a lot of regrets due to Hasebe. This can be observed as to when he invites Lucy to dinner and forcefully takes her along when she declines and asks her out just to have a girlfriend before Hasebe and when he invites Miyoshi out so he won't have 'regrets about regrets'. Despite his rash personality, he is slightly a gentleman when accompanying a lady as shown when he walks beside Miyoshi, taking the side near the road and walks at her pace, then proceeding to carry (bridal/ princess- style) her when she passed out.

Servant x Service ep 7 Saba quiz

Servant x Service Episode 7 Saba Quiz (Ichimiya [left], Hasebe [centre/ middle], Tanaka [right])

He is also very competitive as displayed to how he acts in front of Hasebe, constantly trying to get the upper hand in terms of games, sports, dating and so on.

On the other hand, most of his conversations are about Hasebe and when asked to speak about another topic, they're normally boring (as stated by Miyoshi) or work-related as he attempted to bring up a topic of 'portfolio management services' during his dinner with her.


Yutaka HasebeEdit

Servant x Service Tanaka saying Hasebe isn't even trying

Tanaka saying Hasebe isn't even trying (before getting the basketball thrown at him)

Tanaka has held regrets towards Hasebe due to the remark he had made to him during a basketball game stating 'he wasn't even trying' when Tanaka had been defeated, this action, in fact, irritates Hasebe as seen by his left eyebrow (right eyebrow as shown in anime) twitching and proceeding to throw the ball at Tanaka's face.

Tanaka is also shown to be highly competitive towards Hasebe, trying to win against him through any means whether it be dating, games, sports, studies, cooking, art, chores and so forth, especially since he must put in effort while Hasebe is a self-proclaimed genius, but is in fact, an actual prodigy. Although, this feeling of competitiveness isn't reciprocated as Hasebe attempts to avoid Tanaka whenever he comes to the office, making his co-workers state that he had already left. Although, despite this, it is shown he cares for Hasebe, telling Chihaya to 'stop saying mean things about Hasebe', this is also shown in Episode 8 when he comments that Hasebe could've been anything he wanted to be yet 'gave into despair and went to some random college' and says it was a waste of his natural ability.

Lucy YamagamiEdit

Servant x Service Tanaka after being punched by Hasebe

Tanaka after having been punched by Hasebe (outside restaurant)

Tanaka is shocked at Lucy's mere existence at first due to her being the only girl Hasebe has ever hit on. As a result, he's somewhat curious about her and decides to ask her out for dinner on Episode 8. It is during this time he states that he wants Hasebe to feel loss by stealing his girl and asks her to date him, although, he sincerely apologises afterwards, even bowing his head stating he said a lot of insensitive things, but when Hasebe asks him what he was going to ask Lucy anyway if he weren't drunk, he claims he was going to ask her out and receives a punch from Hasebe on the head.

Kaoru HasebeEdit

Servant x Service Kaoru showing the photo of child Tanaka

Kaoru showing the photo of child Tanaka to Chihaya and Lucy

Kaoru tends to find Tanaka 'cute' as he's her 'type'. However, this was misinterpreted by Lucy and Miyoshi believing that Kaoru may have been romantically interested in Tanaka. When questioned what she meant by her 'type', she elaborated as to how he was the type to make her laugh and proceeded to show the two photos of when he was a child.

Servant x Service Tanaka asking Kaoru out

Tanaka asking Kaoru to date him

The two don't interact very often outside of the time when he introduces himself to her during Episode 9 when he was in elementary school, stating that despite how irresponsible he was, Hasebe still became his friend and the time that he states how admirable Hasebe is and becomes determined to try even harder as his friend. He returns to Kaoru, stating that the only way to repay him is to win against him so he can stand by Hasebe's side. Hence, he asks her to date him in order to get a girlfriend before Hasebe although she bluntly refuses. Afterwards, Tanaka questioned Kaoru to where Hasebe transferred to.

Chihaya MegumiEdit

Servant x Service Tanaka realising his outburst

Tanaka realising his outburst and Miyoshi returning with the grandmother's purse

Their first form of interaction is when Tanaka returns, stating that his grandmother had forgotten her purse. Their conversation is mostly about how Hasebe is at work, she explains that he's irresponsible, gaudy and wonders if he should really be messing around with Lucy so seriously which causes Tanaka to intercept and tells her to stop saying mean things about him. She apologises to him frankly which makes him realise his outburst towards her and apologises while departing.

When he leaves, Miyoshi questions if something had happened and Chihaya clarifies it to her, stating something about 'BL' (boys' love/ yaoi), most likely joking to her that Tanaka is romantically interested in Hasebe, although Miyoshi doesn't understand the reference and asks her what 'BL' means.

In Episode 8, Chihaya informs him that Hasebe has already gone out to eat with a co-worker and is shocked, proceeding to question her as to what Hasebe eats and what he's doing to make moves on her.

Saya MiyoshiEdit

Having been told by his grandmother to marry Miyoshi, he makes his first appearance within the office during Episode 7. apologising for the 'awkward' thing she had said then proceeds to state that he came to see 'what she looked like' (appearance) as it is a family rule to follow everything his grandmother says.

Servant x Service Tanaka falling to the ground in tears

Tanaka falling to the ground in tears after Miyoshi scolds him

During Episode 10, he approaches her when she's finished work although she quickly attempts to go back home, however, he intercepts and stops her, proceeding to start a conversation about Hasebe with her, claiming he was here to challenge him until she tells him that he already went home because there was a new game release. As a result, he proceeds to speak about his regrets and she scolds him, stating that he isn't trying to atone but rather for self-satisfaction. After pausing, he insists that he is regretting his actions while in tears and falls to the ground.

Servant x Service Tanaka being stumped

Tanaka being stumped when asked to change the topic

Unconsciously, he assigns her the role of his advisor, asking her what to do so he doesn't have 'regrets about his regrets', unable to answer him, he proceeds to invite her out to dinner. Although this scene isn't actually shown, it is explained in Episode 11. The two go out for dinner and he speaks about nothing other than Hasebe, when asked to change the topic to something else by Miyoshi, he appears stumped and is unable to think of anything. Warily, he attempts to speak about 'portfolio management services' which causes Miyoshi to start laughing. He becomes bashful and slightly flustered, noted by the slight tint of pink on his cheeks, apologising it was boring.

As Miyoshi passes out from drinking the wine, he carries her back home until she awakens. Although, he comments that although his original purpose was to speak about his regrets to Miyoshi, they didn't even speak about that subject. This is most likely due to the fact that he enjoys his time with her despite always talking about Hasebe as he tells her that dinner with her was 'fun' and suggests that they should do it again.


  • It is a family rule in the Tanaka family to follow everything their grandmother (Mrs Tanaka) says.
  • His grandmother appeals Tanaka to Miyoshi through the trait that he is very 'responsible'.
  • Despite his rash personality, he's surprisingly a gentleman when escorting a lady as shown when he takes the side near the road when walking with Miyoshi and carries her back home when she passes out.
  • It is shown that Tanaka is a heavy drinker but doesn't get drunk easily as he downs four bottles of wine in Episode 11, yet he gets drunk in Episode 8 when he drank five bottles when he's out for dinner with Lucy.
  • Tanaka is most likely not a very good conversationalist unless it is about Hasebe considering he had chosen portfolio management services as a topic and got stumped when having to change it.
  • On Episode 11, Lucy and Hasebe had commented that Miyoshi and Tanaka looked good as couple, although, only on the surface.
  • When Miyoshi indirectly says that he's the worst, he wears a hurt expression unlike the other characters where he maintains his nonchalant expression.
  • Despite having asked both Kaoru and Lucy to date him, he hasn't asked Miyoshi yet. It is uncertain as to whether this is because he's going to pursue attempting to marry her due to the family rule and that he may be developing romantic feelings for her of sorts, even stating that their dinner (in Episode 11) together was fun or he refuses to follow the family rule in this circumstance which is to marry Miyoshi.

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