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Ichimiya Taishi

Read as:一宮 大志 Ichimiya Taishi

He is one of the main male characters who is suppose to help the newcomers. He has been working as a civil servant for eight years.


He has brown hair and brown eyes. His skin tone is a little darker than the other characters.


Chihaya Megumi

His current relationship with Chihaya Megumi is boyfriend and girlfriend. It is also noted that he used to have a girlfriend but due to his sister, Ichimiya Toko he had to broke up with her. Chiya Megumi and Taishi may not seem very close but when they're alone together they seem more close. They hide their relationship from people (although they're not good at it) because Taishi is scared for his little sister.

Ichimiya Toko

Ichimiya Toko is his little sister. They live in the same house because Ichimiya Toko is obsessed with his brother. Ever since they were little they were never really apart. Toko often visits his brother at his work time because of that Toko seems to be closer to Miyoshi Saya.

Hasebe Yutaka

current Bestfriend and co-worker.


He comes from a poor family. It doesn't show us whether he has a family or not but it is noted that his mother is still alive.